This E-learning is part of my demo showcase; contact me if you wish to test out an interactive version!

The Brief:
To create a new e-learning course to explain the importance of handling customer cardholder details correctly, in line with rules and regulations set by the PCI DSS. The self-learn module needed to be short and clear, so potential employees could quickly work through the training course when they had a spare moment during their shifts.

Styling Notes:
Using a simple yet visually appealing design scheme, I based the simple training module around the PCI DSS’ six main goals, and the three continuous methods used to maintain them.

These overarching guidelines aimed at business owners and key stakeholders may be confusing to an employee on a call-centre floor or in a busy office, so I used an informative and friendly tone throughout with plenty of examples for clarification, and finished the module with a summary of helpful tips for everyone.