This E-learning is part of my demo showcase; contact me if you wish to test out an interactive version!

The Brief:
To create a new e-learning course for families getting ready to welcome a new puppy into their home, with an easy-to-follow format that could be accessed by children as well as adults.

Styling Notes:
Basing the styling on popular pet-orientated retailers such as Pets at Home and Fetch.com, I chose to adopt a fun and friendly approach both in language and design, using a chatty, colloquial tone and breaking information up with cute dog images, sliding menus, and interactive click-to-open and hover-over areas to space out large pieces of text. Important facts and points were added in bold to increase retention, with a larger sans serif font for an informal feel.


Text hidden under icons
Top row (L-R):
Always make sure there’s fresh water nearby.
Put their food in a quiet area away from foot traffic.
Try not to feed your puppy too close to family bedtimes.
Get ready to take your puppy to the toilet straight after mealtime.
Bottom row (L-R):
Keep children away from your puppy while it’s eating.
Give your puppy lots of praise when it’s finished its dinner.
If you have multiple puppies, keep their mealtimes separate.
Never feed a puppy right before travelling.