Beauty Editorial: Myth Busting with Nadine Baggott

The Brief:
To write a beauty email editorial promoting the Next’s Instagram collaboration with Nadine Baggott.

The Audience:
Female email subscribers who may not already be aware of the Nadine Baggott takeovers on Next Beauty’s Instagram.

Body Copy (Creative to follow):

Intro: We’ve teamed up with Beauty Expert Youtuber Nadine Baggott to debunk some of the most common skincare myths – follow the video series on our Instagram @nextoffcial_beauty and Youtube channels. Need to catch up? Here’s what you missed….

Myth One: Do you need an oil to moisturise your skin?
If you’re shopping for a new moisturiser, don’t make a beeline for oil-based products. “Shall I tell you a secret?” says Nadine, “Your skin technically doesn’t use oil. It produces something called ‘natural moisturising factors’ which are made up of ingredients including hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, urea and glycerin.” Instead of packing on additional vitamins, minerals and other chemicals, they key to healthy skin is keeping it simple. “You want products that mimic your natural moisturising factor- everything your skin needs to hydrate itself.”

Myth Two: Can you open and close your pores?
We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s nothing you can do to reduce the size of your pores. “Sadly you can’t, it’s just a myth,” says Nadine, “Your pores are set by your genetics and the way you treat your skin.” While you can’t change your pores, you can change their appearance with deep cleansing masks and a good primer. “Primers are really easy to use and you can up them under or over your makeup. Think of them like a real-life filter; they literally make your skin appear poreless.”

Myth Three: Does your skin need to feel squeaky clean?
If your face feels ‘squeaky clean’ after your morning or evening routine, you may have stripped away the skin’s essential ‘barrier function’. “That’s a layer of natural ingredients that sits within your skin but protects it from the outside world. It stops water from going out your skin and pollution from going in”. A lightweight gel cleanser will lift away makeup and impurities without damaging this barrier, leaving it feeling radiant and hydrated.

Want more?
Tune into @nextofficial_beauty every Sunday or visit our Youtube channel to keep up with all things #muthbusting!

All beauty copy provided by Rachel Bates, all creative handled by designers at Next Plc.

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